Breathwork: Learn the profound connection between breath and relaxation, using breathing techniques to enhance your practice and deepen your connection with the water.

Contact Improvisation on Land: Enhance your nonverbal communication skills and develop a deeper understanding of movement and touch through guided improvisation exercises on land.

Grounding in Water: Experience the grounding and centering effects of water, learning to connect with your body and the natural flow of the element.

Aquadynamics: Discover the unique properties of water and how to harness its power to enhance your bodywork practice.

Proprioception: Develop a heightened awareness of your body’s position and movement in the water, allowing for more precise and effective bodywork techniques.

Providing Space and Compassion: Cultivate a deep sense of empathy and understanding, learning to provide a spacious and compassionate touch that supports and honors your client’s unique needs.

Understanding Touch: Explore the nuances of touch, learning to use your hands and body with intention, sensitivity, and care.

Holding Space, Following Breath, and Exploring Movement: Develop the ability to hold space for your client, following their breath and movement patterns to guide them through a journey of self-discovery and healing.

Meditation: learning how to find stillness

The 30-40 hours course will be held over 7 days at my home in a rural setting on the beautiful island of Menorca.  Maximum participants 4 people. 

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