Building the Being Therapy Pool

a temporary therapy pool for the Being Gathering in Portugal

I was invited to build the temporary pool at Being Gathering festival in Portugal this summer (2017).

Each pool build presents different challenges; Here we had the the problems of hygiene, heat retention and lots of people using the pool.

We had to build a temporary pool which would hold 50 people a day and be open from 7am to 12 pm. The first problem encountered was  incorrect plumbing in the pump house, there was a flexible hose attached to the sand filter and this would have lead to leaking and potentially a complete loss of the hose.  Below are an image of the faulty pump and an image of a correctly plumbed pump for your reference.

The next issue was to make sure the ground was level. When building an above ground pool, if the ground is not level, you will find it difficult to fill the pool to the top .

Assembling the pool is the easy part it and it only takes a few hours. Make sure there is a good blanket between the floor of the pool and the ground  and check there are no stones or sharp objects. You are then ready to fill the pool…. 

Then comes the fun part which is also very important to get right: designing the space.  It is very important to make sure the water stays as clean as possible . To ensure this happens prepare a changing room and single access to the pool.  We had nice warm showers installed for this project. Bear in mind this was only going to used for a week so it was very basic but still had to do the job. I would recommend keeping a log of of the water temperature and chemicals used to keep the water clean as well as outside and pump temperature. I generally use and excel spreadsheet for that purpose.

For this project, a heat blanket and insulation were installed to prevent excess heat from leaving the pool and a heat pump was used to heat the water.  For sanitisation we used an hydroxyl filtration and Uv topped with H2o2 .

  Finally all that was left to do was enjoy our brand new temporary pool….  

The exciting moment when you get to finally fill in your new pool
The beautiful finished temporary therapy pool for the Being Gathering
The base for the Being temporary pool
Laying the foundations
Wrong water pump design
Correct water pump design
Shower installation for temporary pool

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