Consultancy for the Building of the Sintra Therapy Pool in Portugal

sintra therapy pool building consultancy

The Liquid Zome,  Therapy Pool building in Sintra Portugal.

I was invited to help Joanna with her pool in Sintra. I came along at the end of the design process and made some recommendations on technical issues regarding the pool and with the pool equipment.

It is important to find the correct orientation for a pool. Here we decided that the main doors of the pool should face South-West where most of the light will enter the pool.  For this project, the pool was going to be used the most between mid-day and the evening therefore morning sun was of lesser importance. 

Each pool will have different needs, here solar would not be helpful as the region tends to be cloudy so an efficient heat pump was selected and installed. It is a fine balance when building a pool between making the space look beautiful and maintaining a healthy low energy setup. A lot of time and energy were invested here installing cork tiles to maintain the internal heat of the pool. Unnecessary windows were also removed and a dehumidifier is scheduled to be installed  in order to keep the temperature around the pool optimal. This project is not entirely finished yet and the pool still has no water but I will update here on progress.. so bear with us!

Sintra Pool Building Consultancy 2
Sintra Pool Building Consultancy 3

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