Our aquatic bodywork sessions in Menorca, Spain


Coming for your session…

When arriving at the pool there is a waiting area surrounded by Mediterranean flauna  where you can relax and wait for your appointment. There is free wifi and drinking water and seasonal produce from our organic garden available.

What to bring?

All you need to bring are clean swimming clothes, preferably one piece costume for women and close-fitting shorts for men. You won’t need a swimming cap and I like your hair to be loose with no hair bands. Please do not use sun screen protection, its hard to wash off and it pollutes the water significantly. We do not use Chlorine in the pool and the water is naturally sanitised by UV light and free radicals therefore we ask you to take extra care with showering before you enter the pool.

Provided for you:

Floating is a big part of the therapy. To help you relax fully and float comfortably we stock a full range of different sizes floats to support your body in the water, your therapist will select the best ones to use with you. If you are worried about water potentially going into your nose or ears, we also have nose clips and ear plugs.

Our Location

The pool is located in the beautiful country side only 5 mins drive to the scenic Santo Tomas beach

Click here for maps and details on how to find us…

chillout area at Fluidsymetry watsu therapy pool in Goa
fluidsymmetry blue planet agonda goa

What happens during an Aquatic Bodywork / Watsu Session at Fluidsymmetry?

You will be greeted by your therapist who will discuss with you any health issues you are experiencing, will listen to your concerns and agree with you what you will work on.

Buoyancy aids are available if you need them, as are nose guards and goggles.  You will be kept totally safe and comfortable during your session.

The session lasts 90 minutes and during that time all you have to do is relax, let go and trust that you are in good hands with a fully trained and qualified therapist who is there to support you and allow you to enjoy.


Our treatments are designed to meet specific needs of every client. The therapist will help you to find the right intention for your session so you can have the best experience. During the session you might feel playful like a child again, totally relaxed and peaceful, connected to your breath, you might just observe the graceful movements of your body, you might be able to let go of the thinking mind.

Everyone has different experience, click here to go through the reviews on Trip Advisor to help you get better idea of what the session is like.

We often work with rehabilitation of post injuries, back pain relief, muscle and nervous tension, trust and fear issues, hyperactive mind, and general stress factors of modern life style. The session lasts 90 mins. Please do not eat anything heavy at least 60mins before the treatment.

We built our pool in a lovely jungle of South Goa, the spring water is warm to meet your body temperature, completely chemical free.  Our Menorca pool is equally beautiful but located indoors for your comfort.
You are welcome to come to see us for a chat, you can also book a session here.

fluidsymmetry aquatic bodywork watsu session in Agonda Goa India
fluidsymmetry aquatic bodywork watsu session in Agonda Goa India

Watsu Water Therapy / Aquatic Bodywork can help with a range of issues from stress/anxiety to back pain, injuries and pregnancy discomfort.

Fluidsymmetry’s aquatic body work therapy is beneficial for those seeking to find release from pain, increase strength and improve mental and physical wellbeing. Water Therapy uses the healing properties of warm water combined with conventional and age old techniques to provide healing to any stage of recovery.

Aquatic body work is a therapy administered within a stress-free environment, a warm and reassuring atmosphere where you receive the full one-on-one attention of your therapist. For the duration of the session you feel you are in good hands with total focus placed on your comfort and welfare.

You and your therapist are coupled together in a sensual l water dance, assisted by the natural buoyancy of the patient. The water supports brings about a form of weightless serenity, reducing stress placed upon joints and muscles, thereby making it easier to perform therapeutic exercises.

The water within our specially designed Watsu pool is heated to a constant temperature of xxxx degrees Celsius so that it relaxes the muscles and increases the natural flow of blood around the body to areas that need attention. The water also allows you to enjoy the exercises used in aquatic bodywork to move with less pain and discomfort than similar exercises performed on land.

If you suffer from muscle spasms, back pain and fibromyalgia the benefits of aquatic body will be especially suited to you.

  • Exercises performed in water are less painful than on dry land
  • You receive the total attention of your therapist
  • Aquatic bodywork is performed in a sanctuary of calm
  • Specially designed pool is designed for the sole purpose of aquatic bodywork
fluidsymmetry aquatic bodywork watsu session in Agonda Goa India
fluidsymmetry aquatic bodywork watsu session in Agonda Goa India

Where is Fluidsymmetry located, what is the local area like?

The pool is located in the rolling hills of south Menorca , surrounded by olive tress and pine . The are many beautiful walk available where you be at one with nature

fluidsymmetry aquatic bodywork watsu session in Agonda Goa India

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