Our therapy pool


sThe space is available for workshop rentals and student practice, please contact us for further information.
The pool is large enough to run a 4 people workshop   Pool rental is available in the evenings for students at discounted rates.

 areOur eco-friendly, solar-heated therapy pool

The pool at Fluid symmetry has been designed and built to enhance your comfort and have minimum impact on its environment. We have used green technology where we can . The pool is heated to 35 degrees celsius, most of this heat come from low energy solar mats hidden away on the roof of nearby huts and on cold nights a low energy heat pump keeps the water warm. The pool is insulated and covered at night to minimise heat loss.A minimal approach to chemical addatives used to keep the pool water clean, safe and sparkling; the added benefit is that the waste water can then be re-used for the plants.

The shower is also is also solar heated .  All efforts have been taken to minimise our carbon footprint and to keep our installations as green as possible.

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